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At Seaview Boat Services we have been servicing New England and South Florida for over 20 years. Specializing in Boat Maintenance, Sales, Storage, Repair, Transport, Delivery and Restoration.

Boat Shrink Wrap

Seaview Boat Services is the leader in shrink-wrap protection and weatherization. For your convenience, we can wrap your vessel at your home, office or storage facility. Or, you can have them wrapped at your place of businesses, offering “On Site, On Demand Service. ”On Site, On Demand Service No longer will you have to take off early from work or wait weeks for an appointment, our 24/7 Customer Support ensures that you are satisfied.

Top 5 Reasons to Shrink Wrap Your Boat
1. Protect your boat from ultraviolet rays
2. Protect your boat from insects, rodents and corrosion
3. Prepare your vessel for transport

4. No need for indoor storage charges

5, Protect the resale value of your boat!

Boat Transportation

Seaview Boat Services will proudly arrange the transport of your boat anywhere in the continental USA. Need to have a boat on trailer moved anywhere in the USA? We can move it FAST! We will pick up your boat or jet ski(s) on a trailer from where it is located and take it to where it needs to go. Why do it yourself? Let us safely deliver it for you fast! We arrange transport from 8’ to 50’ feet anywhere.


Boat Storage

Seaview Boat Services will arrange boat storage for your vessel .We offer a secure indoor and outdoor 3.5 acre full service facility located in Falmouth Massachusetts’s, and our partners offer storage throughout New England. It is our goal to offer you the best protection for your vessel. All it takes is a phone call. (508) 888-6500 


Boat Bottom Painting

Anti-fouling paints applied to the bottom of a boat hull prevent the growth of aquatic and marine vegetation and organisms. This growth on the bottom of a boat can slow the boat’s moving speed, drastically reduce fuel-efficiency and cause serious, lasting damage to the boat’s hull like fiberglass blistering.
Anti-fouling paints come in a wide variety of formulas, styles and colors for all types of boats from large sailing vessels to fast-moving motor yachts and smaller, frequently trailered boats.
Many anti-fouling bottom paints are ablative, meaning that they constantly leach an active biocide into the water. The paint has a soft texture that rubs off easily when touched. This constant leaching means that the paint eventually runs through its life cycle, requiring a new application to prevent bottom fouling.

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